Your car’s suspension system keeps your car elevated off the ground and lets it turn smoothly. Wheels, tires, shocks, springs, and steering all make up the suspension system, which is a critical component to your car’s operability and safety. Suspension damage can cause a long list of problems that can be dangerous to your and your vehicle. The type of issues you experience depends on the part of the suspension system that is damaged, but it is important to get any problems you have with your suspension repaired as soon as possible. Here are some of the problems that may develop as the result of suspension issues.

Flat Tires

Tires are part of your suspension system, and when one occurs, it is essential to pull off the road as quickly as possible. Some people think that they can drive for a while on a flat that deflated slowly rather than blowing out, but any flat tire can impact your ability to brake and steer, putting both you and other drivers at risk. Pull over and change your tire or get a tow to a repair shop as soon as a flat develops.

Poor Shock Absorption

When a problem occurs with your shocks, you will feel your car bounce, pull, and dive. Not only is driving with a shock problem uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous. When your car is bouncing along, it is very difficult to control, and the faster you go, the harder that control will become. Sudden stops and turns will also be difficult. Don’t drive if you think there is a problem with shock absorption.

Power Steering Failures

When your power steering goes out, you will know it immediately, because turning the steering wheel will suddenly take all of the strength you can muster. The steering can become impossible at slow speeds. Attempting to drive when your power steering fails is dangerous, so the best thing to do is pull over and get towed.

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