Types of Front Suspension Systems If your vehicle’s front suspension system is in need of a checkup, then it’s important to have it done by an experienced professional. It’s only natural, however, to wonder what type of front suspension system you will be dealing with. Most car owners, after all, are fuzzy about many of the technical details of their vehicles. Here is a quick look at the different types of front suspension systems. Dependent Front Suspensions These suspension systems are characterized by a solid front axle, which connects both front wheels. The axle is held in its position by leaf springs, as well as shock absorbers. This type of suspension system is known for its ability to carry very heavy loads. Today, dependent front suspensions are primarily found in large trucks and off-road vehicles. If you have a modern passenger vehicle, then it is unlikely that you have a dependent front suspension system. Independent Front Suspensions By contrast, the two front wheels in independent front suspension systems are each mounted on their own axles. Thus, they are less rigid and have more freedom of movement. The axles are usually held in position with shock absorbers and coil springs. It is most likely that this is the type of front suspension system that you have in your car. There are several different types of independent front suspension systems, including Ford’s Twin I-Beam system. Are you looking for leaf spring service in Duluth, MN? If so, then it may be time to bring your vehicle in to Duluth Superior Spring. Whatever your vehicle’s needs might be, their team can handle them. The services they provide at their shop range from leaf spring repair to leaf spring replacement. If you would like to learn more about Duluth Superior Spring and the services they offer, call (218) 481-7444 today with your questions.