For the latter half of the century, Indigenous people across the United States have been gaining traction in a movement to revitalize our traditional ways. Using mediums like art, music, and poetry, our communities have been uplifting the voices of our ancestors. Amidst this collective revitalization, an often overlooked medium of expression has emerged as a powerful tool to inspire political and social action - Indigenous food. Our food can’t be experienced by one’s sense of taste alone - beyond seasonings and healthy, localized ingredients, our food contains history. Within it is the power to connect, resurrect, and heal. ​ On September 21, 2019, the American Indian Community Housing Organization plans to host Duluth’s first large-scale Indigenous Foods Expo, bringing together Indigenous food producers, chefs, artists, musicians and hundreds of community members to experience flavors and culture from across our Indigenous nations in one festival. In the heart of Duluth, we’ve reserved Central Hillside Park in the Hillside neighborhood and a section of 4th Street from our market to its busy intersection at Lake Avenue. Picture Chef Sean Sherman, founder of the company The Sioux Chef, is confirmed as our featured guest speaker and will provide an Indigenous food cooking demonstration, alongside other Indigenous foods experts from all around. The event will be the first of its kind in the region and will be entirely free and open to the public, supplying not just one, but many answers to the question of what exactly is Indigenous food.

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