Out of the Clouds grew out of my love for creating a way to hold the memories of my family. After my husband and I married, I started to create albums for us. I saw that we were collecting thousands of pictures of our lives together — holidays, little vacations, wedding, etc. — I wanted to do something with them that we could cherish and see again. When our children were born, this is something I wanted to be able to give them; to be able to reflect on the moments and the stories of their childhood. Nowadays our photos are on phones, computers, or in cloud storage systems. The name Out of the Clouds came to me as a description of what I do… I take the pictures that are swirling around in digital clouds, or hidden in bins and boxes and out of reach, and transform them into something seen, held, felt, and real. This way, we’re able to have the tactile experience of turning the pages of our memories. I started getting asked to make these albums for friends. One saw my collection of family albums on the shelf and said, “I need you in my life!” I love seeing the relief on friend’s faces when they see their treasured photos in personalized albums. After a number of commissioned photo book projects, I realized this was not just a hobby for me, but a service that is very much needed. I would love to help your family. Simply contact me and we can get started.

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