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Our History

Lake County Historical Society originally preserved President James A. Garfield’s home.

From 1938 until 1983 a version of the Lake County Historical Society maintained President James A. Garfield’s home in Mentor, Ohio. In 1983, the National Park Service assumed operation and we moved operations to Shadybrook in Kirtland, Ohio. The site included a museum, living history village, and research center. In 2007, the Lake County History Center was created through a purchase of 8-acres from Riverside High School and the former 30,000 sq.ft. Lake County Home. Today, we offer a wide range of changing exhibits, programs and workshops for both adults and youth, site rentals, special events, publications, and outreach programs.

Our Mission

Originally founded in 1938, we believe in providing the best historical and educational experience for residents and visitors. 

The Lake County Historical Society is committed to ensuring, through our collections, research library, educational outreach activities and publications, the preservation of Lake County historical records and cultural traditions and to use Society resources and partnerships to engage the community, assess changing needs and be a responsible advocate for the local arts and culture community.

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